Artist Statement

I explore the profound connection between labor, tension, balance, and precariousness while blurring the lines between the past and the present and the possible future. My work expands on inherited traditional vessel-making into sculptures that celebrates the resilience and dedication inherent in human labor, while also shedding light on inequalities emerged from imbalanced power dynamics. Through contrasting elements, I evoke emotions and invite contemplation of the complexities of the human condition. I strive to find harmony amidst chaos, encouraging viewers to experience the weight carried by marginalized bodies. Acknowledging the fragility of existence, my art prompts a deeper appreciation for meaningful moments. By intertwining history and modernity. I am interested in dissolving temporal boundaries, fostering reflection on our timeless human essence. In essence, my work reflects the ephemeral nature of life, inspiring profound meaning, connection and how our bodies become an extension of the world around us.